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Hello! I thought I'd break my blog's silence with this super sweet family celebrating the life of their awesome furry family member. I love when a family comes to me with plans to commemorate a part of their life... in this case, the special bond they all have with Hershey. 
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Hello! Holiday portrait season is well under way and I just love it :) I don't know if my perspective has changed since starting my own family or if I'm just happy to be back to working full time, but this year's sessions are so much fun! 

Here are a few of my favorites from a recent extended family session I did at the Balboa Pier. It was such a beautiful day and this was such an amazing family to work with. Just look at these cute cousins:  

Being a grandparent must be so fun... these kids just adore their Grandma and Grandpa! 

You may recognize this family from previous shoots... they've been in front of my camera quite a few times by now and I never get bored of photographing them! 

One of the best parts of my job is watching kids grow up... these little ladies are becoming more and more beautiful as the years go by.

Oh man, I love laughing photos :)

Not into it... but still pretty cute if you ask me! 

These last photos are my favorites of the day. The light, the kids, the texture... I could have taken photos of them climbing and playing for hours


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October 1, 2014

Happy October everyone! Pumpkin lattes are back, the Halloween decorations are out, and holiday portraits are in full swing. I'm in a bit of a shock that it's already Fall... not just because the dumb weather hasn't gotten the memo, but because having a baby to look after makes you seriously lose track of time. I feel like I blinked and now summer is gone. Not that I'm complaining. Summer isn't really my jam... too much sun burning, AC running, and all around sweating. Fall through Spring > Summer.  


Little Miss Molly just had her first birthday! It's amazing how quickly a year can go by... just look at how adorable she is: 

I would wear her exact outfit if I though I could pull it off... Zara Kids has the cutest stuff! 

Molly looks soooo much like her mom!

Really?! With her cute little thumb around the suspenders? She's too much! 

She actually wore this headband for her newborn session... it's been growing with her :) 

There's just something about the light at the San Juan Capistrano train station... it's so beautiful. 

And that's it for now :) thanks for looking! 

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April 15, 2014


I'm finally catching up on my blog! Today's post is of a family that probably looks very familiar to anyone that's been following my blog. Shane and Charity have had quite an eventful few years (engagement, wedding, family photos, twins!) and I'm loving the fact that they value getting all the big moments captured with my camera :) 

I can't believe they're a family of 5 now! Look at how awesome they are: 

This kid steals my heart every time I see him :) 

The light!! 

My favorite of the day:

Thanks (as always) for looking! 

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Rachael Hughes says:

Thank you for another beautiful memory of my beautiful Wilson Family! I'm so grateful to have your fabulous pictures part of our family's history!

(04.15.14 @ 10:46 PM)
Esther Sauseda says:

Wow, Just came across these. Great photography. You can certainly capture this happy family. Just love them so much.Grt-GrMa Esther

(06.04.14 @ 04:29 PM)
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