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So now that you've seen Mia and Tessa's first little photo shoot I thought you may like to see their official newborn shoot complete with their awesome big sisters. I love this family to pieces and am always so excited to get them in front of my camera... photographing them in their beautiful home was extra special this time around :) 

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Hello! I'm still here! Taking lots of photos and keeping my toddler alive and growing another little guy in my belly :) I've never been great at updating my blog, but the last few months have been especially nutty. This lovely family inspired me to (finally!) share some of my photos again. Thanks for looking! 


When I found out the Montello family had welcomed two new little ladies to their lives I was beyond excited for them. I mean, two beautiful little twin girls to add to the two amazing ones they already had... how lucky are they? 

I guess they were super excited to meet their sisters because they arrived a bit early and scored some beds in the NICU. Not ideal, but they were healthy and strong and amazing, and made their way home without any major hiccups. Since my own experience with having a baby in the NICU I immediately offered to come out and photograph them in their temporary home. The photos I took of my son in the hospital are among of my most cherished images and I knew Maria and Mike would feel the same. Having a baby is a crazy whirlwind in and of itself... add the NICU and twins to the mix and I had a feeling these crazy beautiful moments would be easily lost in the chaos. 

I am so honored and happy that I got to take these photos. I'd love to take them more often... I'm just putting that out there :) 

Hope you're all having an amazing week! 

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October 29, 2015

Happy Thursday! Thought I'd share some of the holiday portraits I've taken lately. These guys have been such great clients... I never get tired of photographing them! They're fun AND adorable :) 

Plus... bonus Halloween costume cuteness at the end :) 


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Linda says:

Such an adorable family. Beautiful photos.

(12.19.15 @ 07:53 AM)
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October 22, 2015

These guys and their adorable baby, Jack... I sure do like them! Holiday portraits are well underway and I just love seeing all my old clients again! It's like meeting up with old friends in pretty places when they're all dressed up and their hair is perfect, haha. 


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Elizabeth Glasgow says:

Love the pics Amanda! I have to admit, I've been checking the site daily since you took them. Love these three!

(10.22.15 @ 02:59 PM)
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October 10, 2015

This baby and these parents and this big giant dog. I just love them to pieces! 

That is all. XOXO


This last one is for Grandma... I love her too :) 

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Gramma Lynn Huston says:

Your photos are always wonderful. Thank you for this special image of my wonderful son and granddaughter. You captured Adelyn's unique clenched thumb - I call it "Power to the Babies" fist. It should be the slogan for all the unborn - those who survived and those poor little ones who were violently aborted. Blessings, Amanda Patrice.

Lynn Huston

(10.13.15 @ 12:25 PM)
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